Move-In Certified Inspection
We offer these inspections for sellers and agents who want to reduce the need for negotiations and have less deals fall through when a buyer’s inspection reveals issues at the last minute.

Move-In Certified Inspection
Let’s face it, sometimes deals will fall through at the last minute because a buyer’s inspection will reveal unknown problems. Or sometimes, based on the buyer’s inspection report the buyer and their agent will try to negotiate for issues uncovered during their inspection. Some sellers and agents would rather just cut to the chase and know all the issues before putting the house on the market. That is where our move-in certified inspections can work well for our clients. These inspections provide several benefits for sellers and their agents.

First, the seller and their agent are alerted to any immediate safety issues or repairs before other agents and potential buyers tour the home. This is not only a safety issue, but repairs can be done ahead of time, without rushing which will help the home to ultimately show better. Second, our clients will have the chance to dispute or clarify any statements or issues before the report is generated for distribution. Third, a move-in certified inspection report can be an amazing marketing tool to help sell the home quicker.

This report can be displayed at the open house or online at Potential buyers can view the report conveniently online, or if they view the house there will be a PDF report provided by you or your realtor for their viewing. This inspection helps the buying process run much smoother and cuts down on the lost deals that sometimes occur when a buyer has their own inspector. Call us today for your world class inspection and together we can get your house sold as quickly as possible.

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