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Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections

Next Level Home Inspections offers thermal imaging as part of every standard home inspection. This inspection is a more in-depth evaluation of the home and its components; concentrating on moisture intrusion, energy loss, and electrical hot spots.

Infrared cameras spot small temperature changes that the naked eye cannot see. In other words, the thermal imaging camera allows us to see what other inspectors, doing only visual inspections, cannot see. This infrared technology allows us to see problematic areas such as moisture intrusion, electrical hot spots, heating or cooling leaks, energy loss, foundation cracks, structural concerns, missing insulation, and rodent infestation. Information provided by thermal imaging is extremely valuable. Don’t let your dream home become a money pit because you passed on a thermal imaging inspection.

Thermal imaging allows us to inform the client of issues that cannot be detected using conventional inspection methods. A proper infrared inspection can find moisture-related issues, electrical concerns, and areas of energy loss. Moisture concerns are often identified from plumbing leaks, roof leaks, wet insulation, flashing errors, or foundation issues that could lead to mold or structural damage.

As for energy loss, an IR camera can detect cooling or heating loss in floors, walls, ceilings, around doors and windows, and also air infiltration from outside. Thermal imaging can detect issues with radiant heating, a/c compressor leaks, failed seals in double pane windows, missing insulation, and structural concerns that can lead to energy loss.

More About Infrared Thermal Imaging Home Inspections

Infrared cameras are able to detect electrical issues as well because of the heat produced when a circuit is overloaded. By using thermal cameras we can scan the electrical panel and immediately see breakers that are overloaded and need replacement. Along with the electrical panel, we can see circuits that are undersized and overloaded. Often times we see electrical components and equipment that are overheating. In some cases, we can detect electrical faults before they are able to start a fire.

Thermal Imaging Toccoa Home Inspectors

In attics and crawl spaces we can use thermal imaging to detect the presence of unwanted intruders and pests including bats, mice, possum, raccoons, and squirrels. Because of their heat signatures, they can be spotted while trying to hide in insulation and within the structure.  I have had instances where I was not able to inspect the crawlspace because a raccoon was in there with her babies. I once ran into a rather unhappy possum in the attic and had to call a pest control technician to remove the critter. Thermal imaging is the next best thing in home inspections so please make sure the inspector you decide to hire is offering thermal imaging.

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