1 Year Warranty Inspection
Clients who want a professional inspection to help them prior to the end of their builder warranty, hire us to perform a warranty inspection. This inspection is used in conjunction with our clients’ own observations to approach a builder before the warranty expires.

11 Month Inspection or 1 Year Warranty Inspection
This inspection is provided for new homeowners who are nearing the end of their builder warranty. Our clients will hire us to inspect their property and use our report along with their own observations to approach their builder about fixing issues before the expiration of their builders’ warranty. I have been told by multiple clients that our report has helped them get the necessary corrections.

Some people will ask, “Why do I need an inspection? My home is new and should be in good shape?” This is a valid question but, rarely this is the case. With so many different materials, contractors, and construction methods, we often see that problems do occur within the first year of owning your home. Let’s face it, some contractors have different work ethics than others and poor workmanship will not always show until some time has passed. We are here for our clients to evaluate these exact situations.

Every home needs to experience the change of seasons. For instance, it might not be until winter that you have to run the heat or summer to run the air. The landscaping might need a good drenching, before realizing that too much rain can cause a minor mudslide. Some homes may have water that seeps in the foundation walls only during the winter. That’s where we come in. We offer a standard inspection of your home and its major components. We ask that no matter how minor you think the issue may be, to write it down. Something as insignificant as a cracked tile may indicate major structural concerns. We are on your side and can be there to talk to your builder if you need us. Within 24 hours of your inspection, you will have a report with recommendations that you can take to your builder before the warranty is over.

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