As the title indicates, most people have no idea that there are several types of home inspections. Listed below is a summary of each type of Home Inspection we offer.

Here at Next Level Home Inspections in Franklin County, Georgia, we provide several different types of home inspections for our clients:

  • Buyers and sellers inspections
  • Thermal imaging
  • 11-month warranty inspections
  • Home Maintenance Inspections
  • Move-in certified inspections

I had a client from Lake Hartwell, Georgia call yesterday and ask, “What is the difference between a buyer’s and a move-in certified inspection?” I get these questions a lot, so I want to explain the differences.

Our most popular inspection is our Standard Home Inspection. We have both sellers and buyers request this service. Often, buyers will have a real estate agent who will recommend our services. This inspection is a visual, non-invasive examination of the property’s accessible components. We start at the roof, examining the roofing materials, any penetrations, the flashings, gutters, and downspouts. Next, we move to the exterior, looking at the foundation, siding, eaves, soffits, flashings, trim, windows and grading. From there, we move inside to evaluate the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, structure, attic, kitchen, windows, and doors. This inspection is by far our most requested.

We also offer Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections. This inspection is a Standard Home Inspection plus a scan of the home with an infrared camera. With the help of an infrared camera, we can detect very small changes in surface temperature. This is very valuable in finding areas of moisture intrusion, possible electrical hot spots, active heating or cooling losses, and places where energy is being lost. We commonly find foundation issues, structural concerns, missing insulation, and rodent infestation. The ability to detect minute temperature changes allows us to see issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Please make sure the inspector you choose is using thermal imaging. It is a game-changer if performed correctly.

Homeowners that want to prevent big problems with their property have us perform an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection. We think of this as having an annual physical from your family doctor. It is important to find issues with your health early in order to prevent further damage. Your home is the same way. We want to find possible problems early so that we can correct the issue before damaging the structure of your home. Last week, I inspected a house for a client in Hartwell, GA. Upon looking at the back of the home, I noticed an area of apron flashing that was installed improperly. The homeowner just had a roof built over his back porch. The contractor put the flashing on top of the siding instead of under it. Over time, this would have allowed water behind the flashing and more than likely caused some moisture issues. Because this homeowner has us come out and inspect his property annually, we were able to discover the issue before it became a major concern. It is important to properly maintain your most valuable possession, and a great way to do this is by having your home inspected annually.

For customers selling their house and agents who want fewer hassles at closing, we offer Move-In Certified Inspections. By having their house inspected before putting it on the market, sellers and their agents are informed of immediate safety concerns, material defects, and any issues or repairs needed. With this knowledge, these issues can be resolved ahead of time, reducing the need for negotiations and less likelihood of a deal falling thru. Also, the realtor can use the inspection report to help sell the home at open houses and online. I have a realtor in Toccoa, GA that has all of her properties inspected before actually listing the homes. This allows the seller and the agent to collectively approach the best method for repairs and selling the property. She always says that the home shows better with a move-in certified inspection.

Finally, for the client who has recently purchased a new home and also has a builder’s warranty, we offer the 11 Month or 1 Year Warranty Inspection.  Many homeowners ask us why they need a home inspection since the house is new. With several different contractors working on a home, there are often varying skill levels and installation techniques. Over the first year, issues start appearing throughout the home. Maybe, it’s a leak under the tile in the bathroom from an improperly mounted toilet, or perhaps, it’s improper flashing of the chimney that’s allowing water to intrude into your most valuable asset. Either way, this inspection is designed to identify issues the builder needs to fix before the warranty is over. With our inspection report or us in person, if needed, a homeowner will have all they need to make sure repairs are made per the builder’s warranty.

Within 24 hours, our client and their agent will have a state-of-the-art report regarding our observations of the home and its components. This report will be available by email, with the option to print in a PDF format. The purpose of a home inspection is to educate the client about the property and its components. We want to make sure our clients are making an informed decision when buying or selling their home. We perform every inspection as if we were buying or selling the home. Please be wary of inspectors offering cut-rate inspections or not spending enough time inspecting the property. On average, we spend 4-6 hours at each inspection. Always check an inspector’s licensing and qualifications. Here at Next Level Home Inspections, we are Certified Professional Inspectors (CPI) NACHI# 17073117, and active members of the biggest home inspection organization InterNACHI.

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